zup indicatore mt4 scaricare

requires the number of ZigZag extreme points equal to that of a selected graphical tool or more. When there is a number 2, which means that for a given parameter specific tolerance retracement ExtDeltaGartley - tolerance for the search of patterns Gartley. The line consisting of long blue/red dashes is displayed. The buttons are used to edit a color of the spiral sectors. The algorithm of searching for the Gartley patterns has been re-written from scratch multiple times. In other words, separate five-wave level and three-wave structures are fractals. The points should not be located on a single bar (the algorithm does not allow creating a spiral having both anchor points on a single bar). The arrows allow you to select a group of two spirals for editing.

Added a large number of functions for Andrews' Pitchfork. The basis of this algorithm is taken from the ZigZag that comes with the MetaTrader terminal. Clicking the buttons of the menu enabled by the Insert button. If we click on any distance from the bar's High/Low, a symbol highlighted on the graphical panel is displayed on the chart. Fractal filtration The ZUP version 151 features a few fractal filtration options. The attached file contains the brief description of the ZUP. I express my gratitude to all who participated in the creation of the ZUP. The DT-ZigZag name has been invented by a programmer with the nickname klot.